Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FSO : Self portrait.

This photo is my pride and joy. It had never been posted.  I was 20 months old. It was the day my Dad, John Chan Hiu Fei, aka Chen Yaw Fei, flew in a plane to go to study in England in 1956. The Chan Clan and the Kong Clan were in the airport to farewell him. It was a very proud moment. Dad was among the few and earliest students to go to England on a scholarship.
I was the baby in the family then. Dad's Cousin Uncle Hung Fei, tells me this when ever I see him, even when I was an adult. " I was carrying you, and when I asked you where is Dad? You answered, Ah Pa FLOOOO and you would move your hand showing how the plane flew." At that time, there was no aero-bridge. You can actually see the passengers go inside the belly of the plane.
I was 14 with a size 8 feet. Behind me was a clump of sugar cane. The house next door is identical to ours. A brick third class government quarter. By then, Dad had returned from England, became a teacher, a lecturer of the Sarawak Teachers' Training College, and a supervisor of schools.

This was my capping photo from Auckland University. I didn't stay for my capping in Windsor University in Canada. I rushed home.

This was less than 20 hours after we were told that Andrew was going to die. We decided that even though he was dying, he was still part of the family. We asked Paul Khor to come to the hospital to take our photos. It was the most heart wrenching photo, he was doing to die any moment. He didn't died that day. He survived for 55 days, long enough for me to love him, and for me to know why God gave him to me for such a short time. I learn when he was 40 days old that I could comfort another mum. I continue to do this. I am involved with Sands.

Fast forward many years, I was mum to 2 girls and one angel, in Singapore.

I returned to Sarawak for a visit.  It was an unexpected meeting with my uncle David  Kong , Mum's brother( on the right) in Kuching. He had  flown from Miri.

More unexpected was meeting Mum's cousin Kong Sieng Hun. ( left) I remembered him like when I was in primary school. It was only later that I was told he held a position akin to the Mayor of Sibu. Come to think of it, I had treated him as mum's cousin. Luckily, I was not disrespectful.

Uncle David commutes between Miri and New Zealand. He is my only relative  here. Blood is thicker than water.

Year 2000, we came back to NZ to tour for a month. My substitute baby.

All dressed up and nowhere to go. It was my baby sister Grace wedding. Unfortunately, my Father in law had just died. The Chinese have a tradition if there was a bereavement in the family, people didn't like you to come to their wedding. So sad.

November 16: Self Portraits Introduce yourself.  I wish I could share with you my wedding photos, but I am strictly told I should not.

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Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Gerald Harry : interesting article Ann Chin! Kong Sien Han was the chairman of the Sibu Municipal Council equivalent to a mayor.

wenn said...

nice memories and great photos..