Sunday, November 11, 2012 Yellow

 Rose from the church garden.
 Is this zinna
 2 bouquets of muffin roses.
 Gabi holding a bouquet of muffin roses.
 Thomas is wearing a T shirt with some yellow.

 Brendon's gardening bucket had something yellow, the stamens of the lily.
These two have sort of yellow hair.  Our lead Pastor bid a cake for his kids.

Our visitor singer David came to sing. and stayed back to chat.
This little girl has a yellow winnie the Pooh bear bag.  colour yellow

Hi Ed, today, I took a lot of photos, before I looked at the meme. Sadly, we Down Under in New Zealand didn't wear a lot of yellow. The weather was too cool.

We had an auction in Church to send a team to Thailand to help them dig a well. I offered to cook a Malaysian meal for 4. I tried to drum up business by saying 2 years ago, they bid $200. We didn't get that today, economic downturn made the bidding hard.

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yellow lovely!