Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alphabe-Thursday Letter Z for Zero waste.

Ngarimu on his red scooter as he went around the grounds to see if we were working well.

Zero-waste Strategy Management: Here's the Volunteers at work. Dressed in our official crew kowhai/yellow or kikorangi/blue T-shirt and cow boy hat, we trudged our kikorangi/blue and kakariki/green bins to our different stations. By chance, I got involved in Ngarimu's Zero waste program. Ngarimu also sourced cutlery and plates made of potatoes which is 10-0% biodegradable.

When I shopped at Target in Australia, the sales clerk asked if I wanted a bag. I asked if I had to pay for it, and he said no. I felt the unusual texture of the bag and remembered a discussion with friends that in Australia, they use biodegradable bags. Good on you Target.



Eden House News and views said...

wish they used compostable bags here

Pam Beers. said...

What a great idea! I'm all for recycling and re-using and putting back into the earth what we take. This is really interesting.

Unknown said...

great idea to do. Save the world.

Jenny said...

I love this idea!

My daughter has a family project going this year that she recycles more than she throws away.

She's doing it hands down, successfully!

Thanks for an fascinating finale to Alphabe-Thursday for the letter "Z".

I enjoyed this a lot!