Saturday, May 25, 2013

Save our world: save our kids.

Johnson and Johnson, what are you going to tell me and my kids? 

Today, the personal care giant announced that it would voluntarily (after consistent pressure from the public and groups like EWG) remove hidden formaldehyde from their baby products like baby shampoo and baby washes.  Formaldehyde is NOT listed on the back of my bottle of “no more tears” shampoo.  
Formaldehyde is “hidden” in these products in ingredient names like “DMDM hydantoin“, and “1,4 dioxane” .
It is too late for me and all my kids. I was sold on J & J for my kids. I used everything J & J, oil, lotion, powder, shampoo, washes.
I am not a grandma yet, but this is not going to stop me to expose companies that have carcinogens in their products, especially if they hide them under unsuspecting names.
Mums be ware.

The famous cosmetic brand manufacturer Johnson & Johnson loses its license in India due to an ordered case by the Food and Drug Administration after 15 batches of baby powder products were found sterilized by an irritant and cancer-causing component.

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Unknown said...

we little people, good on you to take on big corporation.