Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vicks VapoNaturals Drops, Cherry Menthols

I became the perfect candidate to review this Vicks VapoNaturals Drops, Cherry Menthols. I came down with a bad cold and my doctor gave me two days of Medical certificate but not medicine.

My nose was stuffy and blocked simultaneously. I had a fever and a head cold. This new pack of Vicks VapoNaturals Drops, Cherry Menthols gave me relief as it clears my dry and itchy throat. The cherry and mentol taste was very soothing. It also relieves me of my cough and the cough irritant. It is important as a teacher that I suppress my need to cough.

Packed individually, it is handy that I can put a few drops in my pocket as I go on my work. At night, I suck one to help me sleep as it suppress my cough.

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Unknown said...

I use it when I have a cold.