Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our world, outdoor wed, save the world: Ibises

 At A McDonalds restaurant.
These ones below frequent my brother's swimming pool.

These below are two purple Ibises, me and my sister Elizabeth. LOL

Everywhere we went, I see these ibises which the Australian have dubbed rubbish birds, they have left their habitat and become city slickers, savaging not only rubbish but taking food on tables.

This undesired feeding causes and imbalance in the ecology. The birds become too lazy to hunt , and depend on man and then they become aggressive. Not a good sign.

 I was delighted to see them when I first sighted them. I got my sister Helen to stop the car so I can shoot them with my camera. The locals tell me that they are pest and we are allowed to shoot them. They say, ibises even take food out of babies' mouth. You see them every where, and there are signs saying," Please do not feed the ibises." There are a couple that always come next to Charles' swimming pool. I try to get a closeup photo, but they won't oblige.

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Unknown said...

pity the birds are so beautiful.