Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Gawai, Sarawak

This is Elley's relative dancing at Elley's wedding. He had a traditional head gear and long pierced ears. And I specially requested that I have a photograph with him.

During Gawai that year in 1995, the Chan Clan led by Sister Dr Margaret Chan to Batang Air to celebrate this festival with the Dayaks. We flew from Sibu to Kuching, went by 4 wheel drive to the second division, and then by boats on the lake.

The funniest incident we fondly remember was the Australian Chans were helping themselves to the small dishes of food. When the host found out, they quickly took them in, you see, through a language miscommunication, the Australians thought the food were there for them to eat. In actual fact the food were offerings to their Gods.

They brought out the food for us to eat and the fire water the duak to drink.

Elley Lina That's my uncle, the late tama Raja Bala, a good

 dancer...and the food you were refering to is for "Miring" 


Unknown said...

I can see you are very aware of different culture.

wenn said...

Indeed interesting culture..

Small Kucing said...

I had tuak once...too strong for me :p