Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday shoot out: Mar 19 - Your Favorite Color - by Doreen

Mine is GREEN.

We were having a picnic in a park in the Tamborine mountains in Australia. These nuts were lying on the ground and we looked up the tree, it was full of nuts. I asked another picnicker and she told me it was a macademia tree. The fallen nuts were too small to be eaten, and Samand his friends had fun competing to see who could throw the farthest. Laster we went to a store which specialised in these nuts and they had free samples.

Sam and his cousins had great fun in this "biscuit". My brother Joseph pulled them from his tinny. They tried to persuade me to go on it, saying even my big sister Rose went on it. I wasn't brave enough, and I lied that I had to protect my camera.

Here's a green little truck. I would like to show you a big truck, but I didn't see one.

I went to see my Russian/Yukutia friend. Her flag has a green band.

We have green buses with green geckos painted on the side. I waited for a long time after I missed two buses. So to play it safe, I took a reflection shot from my side mirror, and in doing this, I was too late to take another photo. Some of our lizards or geckos are endangered. Recently, some tourists tried to smuggle these precious geckos out of the country. Thankfully they were caught, and they have to go to jail.

Here's a nice lime green letter box, it also has wrought iron decor.

This is a nice roof which blends in with the trees.

An electric circuit box is painted green to match the ivy clad wall, makes it less of an eye sore.

Lots of passion fruits. My Uncle in Borneo grew them and proudly told us that they are from New Zealand.

I love Thai food, and these baby egg plants are used in their cuisine.

Mar 19 - Your Favorite Color - by Doreen

I am a greenie, not just the colour but by what it represents. It represents a lot on the environment, for sustainability, for recycling, reuse and reeducate. I volunteer my time in the zero waste program.

My Sister Rose likes the big green trees that line the road. She says they sooth her eyes.

In New Zealand, we even have a Green Party in Parliament. The water engineer opts for Green cabs or taxis when he goes for overseas work assignment. When it is just one person taking a taxi, he doesn't need a big car when a little car will suffice.


Unknown said...

Good green post :) I love greens..esp for the home. Happy weekend.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

My favorite color :D.

Bagman and Butler said...

Beautiful greens in so many different places.

Ah Ngao said...

i love passion fruit drinks,do you? - hol hiong mei

Jama said...

I love lime green, I got quiet a number of clothes this shade. Even though my most favorite colour is electric blue, I don't have many blue clothing, because I couldn't find the exact shade of blue that I like.

GingerV said...

I love the green cab idea - I followed your link to their site, what a great idea - wonder if it would work in Rio or Friburgo? not in Houston, no one takes taxis or busses here.
great green post. have a good week.

Chef E said...

I agree with gingerV, and I am not as harsh on green as my poem says, my marketing guy put green on my second website and I said no, then he said that green is the number one color people prefer to see, soothing, so he won me over, and your right it does represent life in so many ways- Macadamia nuts, jealous!

I am glad however that I have you as a source for all this food knowledge and to show me what things look like in their infancy- I doubt I will make it to New Zealand, unless hubby suddenly decides!

Kim, USA said...

I thought the first photo is guava. And passion fruit is good when you juice it. Haven't seen a green eggplant before now I do ^_^. Happy weekend!

Favorite color: Yellow

Barry said...

You've done a wonderful job, Ann, of demonstrating the range of hues we call by the single name green. Not to mention the range of ways that color is used.

I think my respect for that colour has increased tenfold. Excellent job.

NanU said...

Great shootout, Ann! Green is really everywhere you look. I try to be as green as I can too, but it isn't easy!

Sara Diana said...

Green the healing colour has been popular for this shoot out. Your photos are great though.

Unknown said...

great post. I love the one with the kids on the tube. many fun shades of green.

Ensurai said...

Green is a learning colour. That is why blackboards are green and not I right?

~JarieLyn~ said...

I never knew so many people liked the color green. It is a beautiful color. I really enjoyed your photos especially the one with the boys on the raft. It looks like fun.

Dave said...

An interesting selection of greens Ann. Made for an interesting blog. - Dave