Monday, March 1, 2010

Save the world, Green thursday: Edible flowers

Be adventurous with your food. Some parts of the plants you think inedible and are wasted are very delicious.

Take the pumpkin for example, you can eat the pumpkin, and the seeds. To many, the young shoots of the pumpkin make a good stir fry. Surprisingly, the flower can be deep fried into tempura pumpkin flower, an Indian Chutney or an Italian stuffed pumpkin flower.

My Thai friends tell me that you can do the same with zucchini flowers and shoots.

I am being hypocritical about this. I don't eat pumpkins, due to a deeply ingrained indoctrination against eating pumpkins. You may wonder why, and do click on this post that I wrote explaining why.


wenn said...

i see, great info!

Ensurai said...

The pumpkin flowers are excellent with yam shoots and greens. I ate this wonderful dish in Kapit.

Tempura pumpkin flowers are exotically sweet and unbelieveable.