Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I started following Jan's site because I like her. I like her, she is a battler, I like her, she is a survivor. I like her because I share her ideals. We both care for the environment.

Here is what Jan wrote:

I started my gardening blog not just to document the happenings in my yard. I am also a cancer survivor, and named it to honor the life we are given every single day and to remind myself to never take that forgranted. My blog has gradually taken on a life of its own and interactions with other like-minded souls have become a welcome addition. I tend to write when inspiration strikes and time allows, rather than on a specific time schedule. I hope you'll visit whenever your schedule permits and time allows!

In recognition of Earth Day, April 22, 2010. Please join in!

This allotment is what I call a piece of paradise on earth. It may not even an allotment. In USA, they are called community garden. I am told, in UK, people pay some rental to the local council to plant in their allotment.

In Singapore, the university gave us a plot, so that the residents don't plant any where they like and hence disrupt the neat and tidyness of the place.

My friend K just moved to a retirement home where she has her own little unit. The gardener was very kind to let her have a little plot in the allotment.

One day, I was walking along Mt Eden Road. I have not walked this road for twenty years. In between two buildings was this gem down in the valley.  It was so beautiful, just what I would dream about.
There was a man working down there, so I was discrete when taking the pix. I suppose if I told him I was a keen gardener, he would kindly show me his crops.
The garden was between two buildings, I wonder if an original building had been torn down, and the place left to become a bush. The man took it upon himself to make this garden. He puts me to shame with his manicured garden, and my unruly one.
There is a company which teaches people how to garden. I don't think the man in the pix needs anyone to teach him.

Yes, anyone can have a garden. I told fellow blogger BengBeng planting flowers are for the eyes and for the soul.


tina said...

It does indeed look like paradise on earth. I think it wonderful community gardens inspire so many folks. P.S. Came over from Jan's blog. She is indeed a fighter and inspiration.

Martha Z said...

You commented on my header, it is a great blue heron. Both male and female incubate the eggs. I'm not sure if there were any, though the adult kept rearranging the nest. Incubation is 30 days so I guess it is time to go check.

Cheryl said...

Wow, a very lovely garden indeed. How much care and love has been put into it I wonder? Alot I would say!

tina said...

Hi Ann, Thanks for coming over. I find New Zealand a really cool place and it seems to be a gardener's delight from what I've seen on blogs.

Jama said...

Lots of my neighbour have potted plants along the corridor, even without land , one can still have a garden! nowadays the Town Council allotted a small area in the housing estate for the elderly residents to grow vegetables or flowers. There's 2 around my flat, and I usually goes there just to photograph .

Jan said...

Dear Ann, You are a sweetheart;-) The community garden is indeed Paradise! I know you will continue to be an inspiration to others and share with people your love of the earth. Thank you for your participation;-) Jan