Sunday, March 31, 2013

Alphabe-Thursday letter T for tombs.

Soon it will be Ching Ming/Qing Ming   (清明节) visiting the graves festival.

 Many Chinese like my uncle and my friend fly across the ocean to do remember and honour their ancestors at grave sites. They bring food, wine, red cancles and paper money.  For the Chans, we are Christians, we bring white candles and flowers.

This was not Qing Ming day, it was the day Father's tombstone was assembled. Rose led the family in Kuching. The rest of the family were abroad and could not attend. Henry said the words were slanting. It had to be done again.

Here is Uncle Mark with his youngest son Luke at my grandfather Kee Seng's grave. The other side is vacant , made ready for my Step Grandmother Wong Sam Yin. The grave is at Sungei Aup, the Cantonese cemetery. Every year, Uncle Mark, Luke and my brother Henry would go from Kuching to sweep the tomb. As Uncle Mark, and late Grand were Roman Catholics, they bring flowers and white candles.


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