Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday stills: Trains

My sister Helen's kids, Lincoln, Olivia and Thomas went on a train ride. Lucky them.

The train in Malaysia is very long and they leave the station at Keppel Station in Singapore. Then you get off at Woodlands for your immigrations clearance. There are two trains leaving at about the same time, and no conductor to tell you which train to get on. People rush like a stampede. We notice a couple of passengers had got on the wrong train.

The train also stops and leaves the station very quickly. My city sleeker girls realised that before they could get off, the train had already taken off, and they had to stop at the next station.

In Malaysia and Singapore, there is a concept of "Balik Kampong" which means returning home. There are two rushes during the Hari Raya or Malay New year and Chinese New year. Workers jam the trains, buses to rush home for their reunion dinner. Traffic jam on the road is horrific.

New Zealand train is not busy. My friendly conductor Baar, he welcomed us on board and was very helpful. He even helped with carrying a walker off the train.

On the way back, it was after school time. There were two handsome New Zealand Maori wardens. My conjecture is by having two young friendly wardens on board, it helps deter rowdy students. Indeed, the train was very clean and the students well behaved. They were very happy for me to take their photo.

I like the song, if you miss the train I am on.  It was really funny as where I grew up, there was no train.

500 miles [ Peter, Paul & Mary ]

The Next Challenge: Trains

This will be a tough challenge, so to make it a bit easier you can also do train tracks or anything to do with trains……

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