Thursday, March 7, 2013

FSO White Balance

My book and the computer screen is white, but under the flouriscent light become blue and yellow.

What is White Balance

Getting your whites white... 
and I am not talking about the laundry. 

White Balance (WB) in photography has to do with the accuracy of color in your image.
You might notice an image has a blue or orange cast to it..
for example the white snow might look bluish.  
If you increase saturation, 
you will increase the color casts as well. 

Different sources of light have different color temperatures
So white does not always look white in your photos.  
While your eye naturally adjusts to the light temperature, 
your camera tries to adjust, but may not always adjust correctly.  

While choosing the correct white balance will enhance 
the appearance and accuracy of your images, 
it is critically important when shooting people. 
Skin tones that look too blue or too orange are not only inaccurate, 
but also not very flattering. 

Here's How...

Digital Cameras have white balance settings.  
While most of the time I shoot in the Auto White Balance (AWB) setting mode
which allows the camera to choose the color temperature, 
I also shoot RAW so I can easily correct incorrect white balance settings. 

At other times, when I am shooting in the same light environment, 
I might adjust my white balance settings as follows.  


Unknown said...

Great examples Ann. I am not too sure on this. It is more technical than I am used to. That is why I am here however, to learn.

Ruth Kelly said...

The photo with the book next to the computer certainly stands out with the different colors of white, also the second photo with clouds and snow.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Hi Ann, snow pictures are very hard to take but you did a fantastic job. I love them.

farmlady said...

This makes more sense than anything that I've read about "white balance".
I can sometimes correct colors in Picasa but it's best to do it in the camera.
Thanks. I like the snow photos.

Suburban Girl said...

Well, that is interesting how your whites are so different. The fluorescents are definitely affecting the books and will also affect the look of your photos on your screen. The snow pictures turned out well.

Jama said...

Love the photos of your snow scene, just beautiful.

Pauline said...

I really like your illustration using flouriscent light, Ann.

Cheryl said...

Fluorescent lighting really changes colors dramatically, doesn't it?