Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Save the world: charging customers for window shopping


When I was in University, I was taught the customer is always king.   I wonder how effective it will be for this store to charge for window shopping,  How practical is is? I can always say, I didn't find the item I wanted. How petty!

I can't imagine any shop owners implementing this in Singapore. Window shopping is a favourite past time there.

Here I was guilty when I took these photos, I didn't buy anything.

A specialty grocery store in Australia is charging customers an entrance fee for browsing their aisles.
The owner of Brisbane store Celiac Supplies has put a sign in the window informing customers they will be charged $5 for "just looking".


Unknown said...

Seriously?? They want to charge people for the privilege of shopping in their store? They would definitely lose me as a customer.

wenn said...

If that's the case, nobody wants to watch anymore..