Friday, March 1, 2013

FSO: My new book: From China to Borneo to Beyond

Hot off the press, my books are ready to be released. This book would not have been possible without the hundreds of emails and telephone calls.

 Feb 27 is the day I finished my book and took it to the printer.  FSO members have encouraged me when I wrote my first book Diary of a bereaved Mother, Good bye my baby. FSO members are my friends and this is my favourite meme. 

This book is about memories, memories which I have shared with FSO. 100 years of them.


To my eight siblings, Rose, Elizabeth, Charles, Margaret, Joseph, Henry, Helen and Grace and their families for contributing to this book.

To my brother Joseph for editing and advice.

To my sister Margaret for proof reading and advice.

To my daughter Deborah for editing and formatting.

To my friends for encouraging me to write

To my husband for his love, patience and helping with the logistics

To my surviving children, Deborah, Gabrielle and Sam for understanding and assistance

To specially Anne Wilson for reading my manuscript and for her inspiration.

Finally, to Say Bo for her interview as an early pioneer woman.

About the author

Ann Kit Suet was born in Sibu, Sarawak. She went to Methodist Primary School and Secondary School. She graduated from University of Windsor, (Canada) and Auckland University and Auckland University of Technology. Ann is the 4th child of Mr. and Mrs.  John Chan Hiu Fei.

Ann is the author of “Diary of a bereaved mother, Goodbye my baby”

Overseas orders to: 

ISBN 978-0-473-23900-8  
311 pages

Printed in New Zealand.

Happy Anniversary

We are celebrating our 4th year!
Our first post was Feb 27, 2009. 

In this week's post share something about FMTSO. 
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Unknown said...

congratulations to you Ann!

GingerV said...

compliments and congratulations.

Unknown said...

Congratulations. I am looking into that book.

Jama said...

Congrats Ann! Hope to see the book being sold in our bookstores here.Will keep a lookout for it.