Sunday, March 31, 2013

our world/outdoor;Koh Sumet, Rayong Thailand

My Niece took her daughter to Koh Sumet, Rayong Thailand. Looks like she really enjoyed her holiday despite enduring the pain getting her hair into 100 strains of pleats.

If you go to Bali or the beaches in Thailand, there are ladies pleating your hair for a song, and when you return to Austalia or New Zealand, or any where else, people will ask you, " have you been to Thailand?"


eastcoastlife said...

I was approached by the ladies on a Bali beach, but I couldn't bear wasting a couple of hours to have my hair done. :)

Neeraj | said...

Interesting... there are so many fascinating things people do to make money and we don't normally hear about it unless we travel or read blogs, no?

I've been to Thailand before and its flooded with Australian tourists... especially the gap-year kids.