Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Shoot out: Hurry! It's our one year birthday

For our first birthday, we are to choose our favourite challenge. For me, it is birds. Birds of the feather kind on Jan 15 by Sritor Senex

My main feature is the goose. When I was really little, precisely five as that was the year before I started school. My sister Margaret was two plus. We lived in the government quarters, Dad was a civil servant, he was a lecturer of the teachers' college.

Mum and Dad kept some geese. We had ducks and chickens as well, But the geese were like princesses like those in the photo among the ducks. One day, the geese went for a walkabout, and Margaret went chasing them to coax them to come back. I was playing happily in the yard, when Mum asked me where she was. Of course, i was so engrossed in my own play that I had no idea.

Mum must have rounded the neighbours to look for her. Eventually they found her with a stick trying to chase the geese home quite a distance away. The more Margaret chased the geese, the further the geese went. I can imagine how frantic Mum was.

Mum and Dad got someone to take a photograph of Margaret and I. Just in case Margaret turned Miss Bo Peep again, and went chasing after the geese. They would then go round the neighbourhood with the photo to ask if anyone has seen this toddler.

This story became our fond memory of the day Margaret took the geese for a walk. My siblings rehash this story when I got everyone to contribute in the book I was writing. We shuddered to think how Margaret could go walk about. We were glad back then, it was a safe environment where everyone was a civil servant.

Oh yes, the geese went to the wok, because Mum didn't want to tempt fate and let Margaret walk them again.


eugene said...

you've got funny post title,,,

hey have a great weekend and god bless

NanU said...

Go, Margaret!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't with FSO one year ago and am enjoying this anniversary recap. Great job Ann. I loved this post.

wenn said...

lovely goose!

Lily Hydrangea said...

oh my gosh, what a story!
Your photos came out great btw.
Happy one year.
: )

Ann said...

The title is an invite to all to hurry up and join us in our celebration. I almost wanted to write FAI DE! FAI DE!

Do you watch the Teletubbies? The red one, Po is a Chinese teletbubby. She says FAI DE FAI DE, which means Hurry! Hurry. I just happened to explain to my kids in school this week. Of course my New Zealand kids didn't know. Now, when they see me at lunch time, they say FAI DE FAI DE. LOL

J9 said...

That story is very cute! That they went into the wok just cracks me up!

Jama said...

Cute ducks!
I remembered my neighbour used to rear geese in the little kampung where I lived, and I got chased by one of them sometimes! really hate that.

Cheryl said...

What a cute story! Have a wonderful weekend.

SJB said...

Nice pictures.

Pauline said...

Nice story and lovely birds! You always entertain, Ann.

Kerry said...

Ha! I can picture little Margaret chasing those geese and she's lucky they didn't turn around and chase her back: I'm afraid of geese and the way they hiss!

GingerV said...

Totally great story. what happended with the wing of the duck? Into the wok this is great line.