Monday, February 1, 2010

Save the world, Green Thursday:Save endangered species

I have just come back from Australia and photos from my nephew Raymond and his family make me want to go again.

This time, a holiday with a difference. Couple of years ago, when I went with Sam to the Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Sarawak, I saw orang utans as a spectator. I wanted more, to be actively involved with Orang Utans.

Then I watched a documentary of the Matang centre where volunteer visitors have a hands-on experience with caring for orang utans. May be next year, I will go on this trip. Time to give back to the country of my birth.

Experience Matang Wildlife Centre. Price: US$ 1775 / US$ 2695

Orangutans are going extinct but YOU can help by volunteering in a rehabilitation centre on Borneo Island. Find out more.

To volunteer at MWC book on to our Sarawak Orangutan Volunteer Programme (4weeks) to come and be a part of what were achieving.

A rare chance to join us in Borneo, on our 2 or 4 week volunteer programme specially created for you the volunteer to come closer to the miracle of the birth of two baby orangutans at the same time, same place, but from two different mothers! Also work along side our dynamic conservation team with other animals at the centre who need immediate help such as the orangutans, sunbears, the crocodiles and monkeys.


Anonymous said...

If you are planning to come to Kuching in the next holiday, it will be really nice. I have many orang utan friends in Semengoh Wildlife Park . I conducted courses twice over there, I guess that is why they liked me. They would always come out when I was there. In Bako, I used to joke that the proboscis monkeys wanted to attend the course too.

Matang is not so fantastic as it is a rehab centre so much so that the orang utan does not behave naturally.

Prof Madya Dr Margaret Chan Kit Yok ,

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Your are right, Prof.

I don't like animals in cages. The Semengoh one was better. The orang utans were free. Perhaps you can get me a volunteer job, calling the orang utans to come to breakfast. OH!!!!!!

Ensurai said...

Oh dear dear me....I am from Sarawak and I have not been to any one of these centres yet!!

But thanks to all the people who help with the conservation of O.U.!!

Save endangered species!

Dave said...

Yes Ann, we must not let endangered animals become extict. - Dave

Anonymous said...

Re: jungle fruit

Prof Madya Dr Margaret Chan Kit Yok ,
Yes, I buy this sometimes. We all eat this. It is sourish sweet. Last Dec when I was at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, we came across a family of orang utan savouring the fruits from the whole tree in just 20 min. We recorded it in the video. Maybe if I can get hold of it, I will send it to you.