Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Olympics in Canada.

I am watching on TV the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. I watch as Richard M. Hansen, a Canadian paraplegic athlete and activist for people with spinal cord injuries come into the stadium with the torch in his wheel chair. I feel emotional and think of one young Campomelic survivor Alex Zator who I hope will one day too carry the Olympic torch on a wheel chair.

I think of fellow blogger Barry and Linda and Ruth. They must be very proud of their country. I also hope the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili will not dampen the spirit of the games.

When the Oiympic torch passed by the town of Golden, my niece Emily was chosen to sing a song she wrote. What a proud moment it must be for an Australian girl to be chosen.
You can find Emily in this resort.

The Olympics also gives me warm memories when in 1976, the Summer Olympics was held in Montreal Canada, and I was a student in Canada,


Dave said...

That was sad that sledding accident causing the rider to die. - Dave

Jama said...

Wishing you and family a Happy Chinese New Year!
I just don't believe it, the word verification for this comment is jamachwa! kekekeke

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Oh.., we all are proud of Emily, to be chosen to sing her own song... ~bangchik

wenn said...

wow, congrats Emily!

Barry said...

It was a sad and somber way for the to begin.

But the opening ceremony was terrific. I especially like the song by KD Lang.

Ralph said...

Obviously as a wheelchair user, it is always nice to see accomplished persons in one too. The society we live in often views wheelchair users not able to live, to succeed. Yet should some heats be changed to forget about limitations, to see beyond the externals, we could all move ahead, to succeed or to fail, based on the abilities we do have...

Emily should be proud, her songwriting and singing abilities to be enjoyed by the world. Wonderful!

Sarah Siwicki said...

Hi Ann, yes I have been watching the olympics. I loved the opening ceremonies this year, thought they did an amazing job incorporating all 'types' of canadians.
Fantastic to hear about Emily!
Happy Valentines Day :)