Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Remembering D, one year old angel.

This photo shows the housing that D and I lived in Singapore. Our husbands were professors at Nanyang Technological University.

I made a special trip to see my friends D and S when I was in Australia. I have known D for twenty years. She shared the news of her little grandson D born in Brazil, and how he was stricken with one problem or the other. The last three years, little D had cancer.

Last year around this time Little D went to heaven. He was not even six years old. I met his Mum E. It was a privilege to spend time as one bereaved mum with another. I listened as E shared with me how it was when D had to be hospitalized.

As I wrote in my post when D just died last year, I pondered. Do I tell them that it is better that D had died. Personally, for myself, because Andrew was so seriously sick, it is better that he had died and we could move on. But no two cases is the same.

It is early days for E, experts say it takes three years. What ever it is, some one told me something very profound. Loss of a dear one is likened to losing a piece of a puzzle. Things will never be the same .

My fellow bloggers Queenmothermamaw, Barry and Linda, Chef E, they are belong to this club, club of bereaved parents. Membership is not by choice, but paid with a very heavy price.

D and E, my thoughts are with you as D's anniversary approaches.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

How sad it is to lose a child!

And how brave it is to help one's child to live through a serious disease until the end.

A gentle post.

Lily Hydrangea said...

It is so good of you to be there like you are for your friends. Only those who have gone through losing a child truly know what it is like.
I lost a close family member just 3 years ago & it is only these past few months I started to feel better, but I know his Mom is still suffering greatly. I try to be there for her as much as possible but then I think it is impossible to know her pain so I just listen and try to be present for her.