Monday, February 15, 2010

Save the world/green Thursday: Save our children

As a teacher, I believe our greatest asset is our children. In order to save the world, we need to save our children, especially those from at risks sectors of our society. These children play truant, and it becomes a vicous cycle. These kids don't learn, they can't hold down jobs, and they get into trouble. I am glad Auckland city has adopted a zero tolerance to this problem.

Children are not allowed to hang around shopping malls, and schools issue children with passes should they need to buy things during school hours. My school, Pt Chevalier school is very vigilant. Children who are late are issued pink slips. By mid morning, if a child is absent and his parents have not called in, the office will call the parents to ascertain the reason for his absence.

Zero Tolerance to Truancy in Waitakere Schools

The Waitakere community is formally taking ownership of the city's truancy issue with a Zero Tolerance to Truancy Action Plan launched at Waitakere City Council today.

"Truancy is not just an issue for schools, it's an issue for the whole community and that's why we in Waitakere have encouraged the collaboration of all the various agencies in this programme," says Margaret Campbell, the manager of Waitakere City Improving School Attendance Programme (ISAP), the initiative's umbrella organisation.


wenn said...

ya, truancy should be controlled.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

You are right.... children are not to be left on their own. They just have to wait, until the wings are strong enough to fly... ~bangchik

Serline said...

Thought I would stop by to wish you a
Happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Tiger be filled with blessings & happiness!

Ensurai said...

I really love the idea.

Sometimes I wonder what the adults have been doing (teachers and parents) when I meet employees who have finished ll years of school and cannot even read and write properly!!

We really need to re-think what learning is all about in Malaysia.

We are all responsible.