Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Save the World, Green Thursday: Use natural fertiliser


A Hello! A handshake!
A scoop of sheep pellets.
We are now friends.

I have new neighbours,
An elderly couple from Sri Lanka,
He was busy clearing the ground.

I see his tomato and chilli plants.
I go over to say hi.
He says,"I no speak English!"

I asked if he had fertiliser for his plants.
He says, "I no speak English!"
I go back to my garden.

I show him my bag of sheep manure.
He smiles and understands.
I give him a scoop of sheep pellets.

We have become friends.
I went for a long summer holiday,
Too late to start my garden.

He calls me," daughter, you buy some potting mix."
Next, he gives me chilli plants he germinated himself.
I will have enough salsa for the rest of the year.


Ensurai said...

lovely poem...

Have been wondering what kind of fertilizers you guys use...

I use chicken ones..

Jan said...

Hi Anne, Both of your blogs are looking great...I like your writings, and your photos;-) You heard of our 'monster storms' on tv...good thing for you, you're not having them! It's not so bad, though...we kind of enjoy the excitement! Yes, it would be nice if you participate in my sustainable living project, although I wouldn't be able to include you in the giveaway. If you don't mind that, then anything you'd like to share in a post (about your green-living practices) would be perfect for this. I'd love to have you join in;-)

wenn said...

good to use such fertilizer.

Autumn Belle said...

You have a caring and friendly neighbour. How wonderful!

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi Ann, great advice and a nice way to meet your neighbour.

Unknown said...

Great one! I use them all the time..only ours are baja tahi kambing..same - same :)

Jama said...

I have no garden so never use tahi kambing, tahi ayam or what ever tahi....lol