Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chinese Full Moon Festival.

The Chinese lunar calender as the name says follows the moon.

When a baby is a "moon" or one month old, this full moon is marked with a great feast. To invite the friends and relatives, the proud parents deliver a hamper of cakes and red eggs. Egg signifies fertility, and red prosperity. The red cake or Ang Gu Kueh, shaped in tortoise shape signifies longitivity.

Usally traditionally, it is the maternal grandma who prepares this.

When I was in Primary school, I lived in Padang. We lived among Foochows, Malays, Ibans and a Henghua family. On festivals, we gave each other special food and kueh. That Henghua family, no matter what festival always gave Ang Gu Kueh. I got sick and tired of it, that I stopped eating it.

It was only recently that I started eating them. Connie my Kuala Lumpur friend made hers. Hers was nice. All these wasted years.

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