Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sam, school bus

I tease Sam that he went to school in a big Mercedees. Yes, it was a Mercedees, it was a BIG bus. He loved his bus uncle who sometimes lets him sit next to him. His Malay bus aunty was very good but very strict. She says Sam is no trouble. The one who was trouble sometimes was Sam's mum. Sometimes, she forgets to go 3 story downstairs, and the bus Uncle or bus Aunty would take him upstairs. They were ok because Sam was the last out in the route. He was also the first in. We lived in NTU, the country of all countries in Singapore.

The Uncle says," You have a car, why do you let Sam take the bus?'

Sam loved his bus journies. he started drawing road maps, road maps and more road maps.

***Here is Sam waiting for the bus with his Dad.***

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