Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Liar! Liar! Pants on fire

fire alarm

At 9.15 am yesterday, we had some exciting distraction tin school. Last week, we
had a fire alarm practice. The school property manager was very pleased with the time it took to evacuate 600 five to eleven year olds.

We had another one yesterday, the alarm was so loud, a completely different sound from last week's. I was in my room typing a report because my kids had gone for a trip. The loud piercing sound reminded when when I triggered my friend J's house alarm. I felt like a prisoner being punished. I didn't second guess and rushed out of my room as fast as I could.

Apparently, some one had pushed the button of the fire alarm. We all had to assemble at the outside concrete play area. Once ascertained it was a false alarm, the property manager rang the fire station to divert them.

It was too late, they already sent out their two appliances.

The kids sat on the ground until the fire station told us what to do. After a long hot wait in the sun, two appliances came. The kids waved to them A good finale to the excitement.

The principal said we have done well. Sorry for this, but it was a good exercise. It wasn't her who pressed the button.

Welcome to NZ, we are a earthquarke country. So the kids need to learn about alarms.

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