Thursday, November 27, 2008

cooking curry?

Two main ingredients necessary for cooking curry.

These are from my garden in Singapore: lemon grass and curry leaf.

My curry leaf plant is ten feet tall, and supplies free of charge curry leaves for the NTU neighbourhood. You can cook butter prawns with them, many Thai recipes call for them

My neighbour downstairs wanted to inherit my plant when I left for Auckland. I told her yes, on the condition that my friends are allowed to continue to pick them.

I just love my herb abd flower garden. i do not use a lot of them. WE thinks I have a jungle. I just love to see them grow and grow and be the envy of many who don't seem to make them grow. You see, Singapore is in the tropics, and these are tropical plants. Friends from America or UK don't seem to get the hang of it except for my friend A & M.

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Johannes said...

In Indonesia, we use Kafir lime leaves as well as curry leaves. Personally, I prefer Kafir lime leaves, except for Gulai Ikan (fish curry) where I would use curry leaves as the flavour is less dominating. Good news is Kafir lime plant is available in Auckland. In fact, we have one in a pot and give us unlimited supplies of fresh ingredient for Indonesian rendang and gulai.