Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

I like an environmental issues, but sadly I am not an eco-warrior. I know, i should do more to avoid an Environmental Apocalypse.

I have a few of these green love the nature bags, but I must confess I don't always use them. I use the plastic bags to line my garbage bins. I know, I should recycle them and take them back to the supermarket. I know, I am guilty. Some countries have already imposed a charge on these bags.

Recycling is not new, back in the days of old when my grandma would recycle strips of old fabric and make into quilts.

In my school, we have an environmental club. We have a worm farm and children collect fodd scraps for compost, and grown organic vegetables and seedlings. They grow little trees from seeds and plant them in parks.

There is too much rubbish. New Zealand like Hawaii is in the middle of no where, thousands of miles away (except across the ditch in Australia) our coast too, is awashed with other people's rubblish.

We have an annual inorganic rubbish collection in my city, Auckland. The city council allows any type of inorganic rubbish that they normally would not collect. So you see old fridges, washing machines, televisions, clothing , toys etc.

When the households put their inorganic rubbish neatly on the grass verge, in no time, scavengers come in vans, truck and take what they can sell or use. This is a good recycling system, except these people have no social conscience. When they had done with retrieving what they want, the road is strewed with rubbiish as though we had been struck by a tornado.

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