Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas gifts and treats

Mt Albert Baptist Church gave the helpers "thank you gifts" of a ceramic container and chocolates and marshmarrow. I was thinking what to choose from a fish, a xmas tree and a star. I eventually chose a star. I help in the creche on Sunday church service, and made lots of friends from babies to fellow helpers to mums and dads.

I will never forget my first Christmas mince pie. My Canadian room mate invited me home for a traditional Canadian Christmas in Kingsville. Indeed, they introduced me to a white Christmas. One day, the mum was making mince pie, and she let me try the filling. I was expecting it to be savoury as in minced meat. It turned out to be sweet. When I tell this story, the water engineer jokes the Chinese Saying, AH NIEW CHU CHENG, meaning the country pumpkin goes to town.

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