Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snakes in NTU, Singapore

My nephew's recount of the python in Australia reminded me of the NTU Python. One Sunday morning, I woke up early and went for my walkabout when I saw police cars, secirity guards in their scooters and cars, and some soldiers and dogs.

My nosy parker nature told me that something was exciting. My two friends A. and C. told me that there was a big snake which had slithered from one end of C.'s basement to the other.

We, three brave Amazons followed the uniformed personnels and we were just in time to see them catch a big python into a barlap sack. The size of the python was as thick of my upper arm and it was very long.

A. snapped photographs of the python to show the rest of NTU who were still in their slumber. I bet when A. went back to live in Great Britian, her people there would be surprised that there were snakes in Singapore.

We often have snakes, poisonious ones like cobras, and non poisonous ones like grass snakes and pythons. My friend B. sprinkles sulphur and installs transparent plastic sheeting on her balcony. A Taiwanese friend freaked out when she saw snakes three storeys up the building.

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