Friday, December 26, 2008

Pet Fish shop

A Pet Fish shop is a fascinating place until your child wants the biggest fish.

When Deb was little in New Zealand, we had a gold fish, she called it Andrew. Then he died and went to fish heaven like her brother Andrew.

In Singapore, Grace started the kids' interest in pet fish by giving Gab a special tank for her birthday. I didn't have the heart to say no. Then my girlfriend S.L. gave us a big aquarium. Gab and Deb kept two Gold fish, they named Dolly and Ah Teck, after two TV characters. Dolly and Ah Teck grew very big. It was Mum and Dad who had to clean and change the water.

We travelled a lot, and we had to inconvenient our friends to come and feed Ah Teck and Dolly. One day, there was a thunder storm, and it tripped the power supply. When my friend A. came to feed the fish, the fish were already dead. She felt really bad, I told her not to. By this time, Ah Teck and Dolly were sick old fish.

After that, the girls didn't ask for another fish again. Sam was never interested.

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