Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Singapore Flyer

When the London wheel was built, I always wonder why anyone would want to go in one of them. I did go in one of the miniature ones in a fun fair. The wheel went so slowly and I couldn't wait for the ride to finish.

Singapore built one just after I left the city state, and I wonder again why it wanted to be a copy cat. Having had friends who got stuck in elevators, I swore that I would never get caught in one. The price is not cheap either.

When the water engineer went to Brisbane, he snapped shots of the Brisbane wheel. He didn't go in one, though his friend did.

I think it is a tragedy waiting to happen. Sure enough, something did happen.


SOME 173 people were stuck mid-air in the capsules of the Singapore Flyer yesterday, when the world's largest observation wheel ground to a halt because of a technical fault.

The wheel stopped spinning at about 4.50pm and about three hours later the first passengers - five Malaysian tourists - were lowered using rope harnesses from the one of the lowest suspended capsules.

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***Singapore police are investigating after officials at the Singapore Flyer said a small fire caused the wheel to stop turning for more than six hours Tuesday night while 173 people were on board.

Most were stuck inside the Flyer's enclosed cabins until power was restored but 10 escaped using rescue harnesses. Two were taken to hospital, officials said.

'Police investigations would cover how this problem occurred, how it can be prevented and what measures the operator can put in place to enhance passenger safety,' police said in a statement on Thursday.

They said the Flyer would be allowed to resume operations only once it had been certified as safe by an internationally recognised body that assesses safety standards for amusement rides.

The Flyer remained shut on Friday and remains closed pending investigation.


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