Friday, December 26, 2008


In nature, when a tiny bit of sand lands inside the oyster, it treats it as an irritant and coats it. This slowly grows to be a pearl.

Man has imitated this and developed a cultured pearl. They use a bit of mussel shell. Culture pearls tend to be a complete sphere.

The Chinese believe that pearl powder are good for one's health. When My Father-in-law visited a pearl farm in China, he bought me some pearl powder and facial cream.

In Singapore, I saw a set of Japanese Mikimoto pearl necklace and bracelet. This was among the few extravagant things I have bought. Everyone admired it. Sad to say, I have misplaced the necklace.

The water engineer went to Hawaii and bought me this pinkish-orangy pearl necklace. I don't wear it often, in case I misplace it again. Sister Rose tells me that it is good to wear pearl all the time, it smooths the skin on the neck.

My ESOL student Andre from Tahiti gave me this set of black pearls. The big drop is to be made into a pendant, and the two smaller ones as ear-rings. I will give it to D for her to make into what ever she likes.

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