Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This is a test post with hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks are useful because you can make reference to another webpage (yours or other people's) within your own text. People are happy to click on hyperlinks if they are interested in what you said when linking elsewhere. It also looks nicer, neater and more convenient when people don't have to see or select the whole address URL (which may be ugly and long) to go somewhere you suggest. Hyperlinks usually appear blue and underlined, but this can be customised.

The 2 parts of a hyperlink are
1. the link word, phrase or sentence
2. the link page. This could be anything, another post you have made, or a post of someone else's blog, or a page from another website like wikipedia. You need the URL, which is the address of the page that starts with http:// and looks like this:
It doesn't matter what the URL looks like as long as it is complete. To get the URL, select and copy (control-C) the address line at the top of the browser for the page you want to link to.

OK. now that you you have the two parts, you select the word or phrase you want to make into the hyperlink, then you click on the hyperlink button which looks like a small Earth globe behind a white chain link. Here is a pic:

A form will appear with the beginning of the link URL:
you need to replace this with the address URL you copied. So select whatever is in the form space and press paste over it (control-V). You should now see your URL in the space.

That's it. No need to stress about the html language that appears in your post draft, it will be converted to the hyperlink in the published version. When you preview posts the hyperlinks should be present, where the target URL is hidden behind related words in your blog post.

Here are some references that talk about how to link. I have made them each a hyperlink.

1. A video tutorial of someone doing it.

2. This guy is very comprehensive and after you have read his post you will know exactly how hyperlinking works.

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