Sunday, December 27, 2009

My World Tuesday: Rocks

There are many places with volcanic rocks in Auckland. I always picture the lava projecting out of the crater and solidifying as projectiles.

Sam likes climbing whenever he see them.


Ensurai said...

My eldest daughter loves rock climbing...and in Brunei there are lots of young people who actually enjoy rock climbing and jungle trekking almost every day!
I think we people in Borneo must make the best of our environment.

Cheryl said...

I used to love to collect rocks when I was a child, so amazed by their colors, shapes and feel.

Joe Todd said...

Ann sorry I haven't been around sooner to comment.The holidays have put me way behind. Looks like you were out walking on volcanic rock and I was hiking on sandstone. I liked that wall in previous post You just never know what you might find. LOL

Dora said...

I love challenging myself at the rocky mountain one day but sure it needs some good training first... Happy New Year 2010 to u Ann & your family!

Jama said...

Rock climbing is definitely not for me, I rather stay on firm ground and take photos!
Weather here a bit crazy right now, one minute it's sunny, another minute it started to rain and later out comes the sun again. But better than the usual hot and humid weather.
I went to a neighbour's house for a Christmas party, even though I couldn't eat most of the food due to religious restriction, that doesn't stop me from having a fun day with them.