Friday, December 4, 2009

Sundaystills: Pets
In these photos, some children found a bitch with seven puppies in the neighbourhood. These kids loved the puppies and found milk for them and food for the bitch. Some grown ups were also fascinated by them. But the occupant of the apartment where these dog and puppies had made their home at their basement wasn't happy. She wasn't happy with the S*** and the terrible smell. Before the residents could find homes for them, she rang the SPCA and had them taken them away.

When the kids found that the puppies were gone, they cried. Some fifteen years later, a certain person in my house is still very emotional when she talks about those puppies which had become other people's pets, instead of hers.

My grand dad kept guinea pigs, not exactly as pets for us to molly colly. He just kept them. He warned us not to handle the guinea pigs or they won't grow. But did we listen? Of course not. We secretly took them out of this big cage, my uncles, aunty and my siblings. We cuddled them and loved them to bits.

Grandpa said," Why are the guinea pigs not growing? Did you lot cuddle them?"
"Nope! Not me!" we all answered just like the animals of the Little Red Hen.

Another generation went by, Mum kept white mice. This time it was my younger siblings and nieces and nephews. Niece F was born in the year of the tiger. According to the Chinese, tigers will eat up the little babies, so F was banned from the mice. But did she listen? You answer the question. Children will be children. They never listen.

When the baby mice died, Mum asked," Did F go to the mice?"
"Nope! I didn't."
"Nope! She didn't."
After a while the novelty died off.

Mice are not good pets. I don't like mice or rats.

When ever I see horses, I think of the teen age neighbour K I knew twenty years ago. She kept a horse in a paddock, and went out to see him every weekend.

We always had chicken for meat and eggs when I was growing up in Borneo. That proud rooster was the stud, and he never failed to crow, rain or shine. My brother Joseph considered it to be his pet.

One morning, the rooster did not crow. He was dead. We couldn't believe how a healthy rooster could die just like that.

Mum conjectured that it was poisoned. Cock fighting is a gambling game involving a lot of money. Some men had on the previous day approached Mum and offered her a very good price for our handsome rooster. But Joseph refused to part with his pet. Mum wanted the money, but she loved her son more, so she declined the offered. The vindictive men probably came and poisoned poor rooster since they couldn't have it.

Joseph held his dead pet and cried.

Sunday Stills, the Next Challenge: Pets
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Anyone who has been around the past year knows this upcoming weeks challenge is the 1 year anniversary of Sunday Stills. So I figure we should do the very first challenge we did on December 6th 2008. We started with only a few contributors and have grown into a nice little community of bloggers which I’m proud to be part of.

Here is to another year of fun….Ed


Ed said...

Great post!! I love the part about if you handle GPs they don't grow up...:-)

wenn said...

interesting..i love pets..

The Pink Geranium or Jan's Place said...

I was afraid your granddad wanted to eat the GP's!?!

Wonderful stories...

Poor Rooster :(

Sara Diana said...

Great post but I think your grandad was teasing you! So sad about the pups though.

I currently have 2 dogs, 8 guineapigs and 5 rabbits - love em all to bits!

Lee said...

Hi Ann, I love having pets. When young I had exotic pets as my father was an Estate Supervisor and lots of estates near jungle fringes...
Had monkeys (2), a clouded leopard....mother was shot by hunters.

Everyone thought I had a cat, but other cats, dogs would run away when I took it for a walk...they could get the scent of a wild cat.

Love dogs too...mostly Dobermans or German Shepherds, and named always, 'Whiskey' or 'Brandy', ha ha. Lee.

Jean said...


A smile from SJ =)

Anonymous said...

cute puppies :)
& i love the noises guinea pigs make hehe so cute

Dave said...

Sad about the dogs for your family Ann. I like roosters as long as they don't crow too early and wake me up. - Dave

Steffie said...

That is a great story. Such a shame of those puppies, but no doubt they all found good homes eventually.

Ensurai said...

I have four mongrels now because I have a long history of Dobermanns and Cocker Spaniels being stolen from me and these robberies broke my heart now I have very faithful mongrels and they don't get stolen. But I love them just the same if not more especially Bobba. One day will write about him...but worried about the publicity and security.

Sorry about your rooster and the poisoning. How vindictive people can be.....


Regular Guy said...

Cute pictures and a very good story.

flowerweaver said...

Sad about your rooster and the puppies being taken away. Had to laugh about the stories of grown ups telling the children not to handle the animals! I'm sure they knew what you were up to! He he.

I forgot about cultures eating Guinea pigs. Of course you know I only bake my camera not my chickens! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Lovely stories of the past and lovely pics to accompany them!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I don't remember what happened to the guinea pig, we really loved them too much and sent them to Guinea pigs heaven. Grand pa justed started rearing them, and they were too young to be endure the rough handling of 6 kids. We were on holidays and we were playing with the poor guinea pigs from when we woke up to when we went to bed.

As for the poor puppies, these were mongrels, and unlikely to be adopted at the SPCA, that was why the community was in two camps.

Tammy Vasa said...

I love the roosters! Such pretty colors.

VioletSky said...

Great stories, Ann.
Animals do have a way of tugging at our hearts. Well, some of us. I feel for poor rooster and Joseph.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wonderful stories Ann..sad too about the puppies and the rooster, thanks for sharing:)