Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Save our world and think green: Recycle our paper



Recycle our waste paper and save our trees. Dotted all over Auckland city are these big yellow crates with metal cages. Paper is deposited by neighbouring businesses to be recycled.

In Malaysia and Singapore, there are the "Garang Guni" men who make a living collecting these waste paper. They even collect bottles and cans. They would be what the west call Rag-and-bone man. I don't see Rag-and-bone man in Auckland.

In school, every Friday afternoon, students in the Envro club knocks on my door and ask if I have anything to recycle. Ka Pai Kids, Paki-Paki. ( Good job, and clap clap in Maori)


Ah Ngao said...

and if possible,use plastic chopsticks(its gonna be expensive) rather than wooden disposal chopstick..come to think of it,still many go for disposal one becoz of hygine.

Gordon said...

Recycling is catching on here in Oz; we have paper recycling bins in schools and business. Our council provides us at home with a large recycle bin that is collected each fortnight.

Bengbeng said...

it is a profitable business so it should take off.. recycling papers i mean

Ensurai said...

I think it is good to use lots ofpaper and leaves for food wrapping if it is possible. We are using too much plastic every where.

I like the idea of using personal water containers instead of disposable plastic bottles. A friend of mine insists on using glass bottles only for her water. The list can go on and on...

Our elders knew what to do actually but we have been too pampered by technology.

Use save our world and recycle our paper.