Thursday, December 10, 2009

Support, Attitude and Honesty

Steve Price, the Captain of the New Zealand Rugby League giving his speech as a Guest speaker.

Steve giving a prize to a student.

Here is Sam with his teacher Matthew Chong. It was great to have a male teacher for a teen age boy. Sam liked Matt much more than his other teachers.

Here's Sam getting his prize, a pity I was sneaking behind at the wrong side of the hall.

It's Sam's Balmoral Intermediate School's Annual Prizegiving. He was there for two years and next year, he goes to Mt Albert Grammar school.

Honestly, nobody wants to attend a school's prizegiving unless your child is receiving a prize. I heard from some one saying, it is like attending someone's kids performance. But if your child is getting a prize, you will be very alert despite the heat in the school hall.

Sam did win a prize, in fact he won one too last year. But this year, he won a special prize. He achieved Distinction in the Final Challenge Competition associated with Problem Challenge organised by Otago University. He came 4th in the whole of New Zealand. I was a very very proud mum.

I was also impressed with the school. They started the program with the Maori Haka Kepa. Many of you who follow rugby would have seem Haka performed by our national players before an international match.

I was impressed that they had the welcome by 9 different languages, Te Reo (Maori), Tongan, Bulgarian, Mandarin, Arabic, Thai, Urdu, Cantonese and English.

I didn't know who Steve Price, the guest speaker was, but I liked his speech, Support, Attitude and Honesty. He spoke that he is an Australian and played Rugby league. I asked Sam's teacher who Steve Price is to the school. Steve is the Captain of New Zealand Rugby league, the warriors and is a parent to the school. Ka Pai to him to come and support them school.

Steve Price (born 12 March 1974 in Dalby, Queensland) is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who currently captains the New Zealand Warriors of the NRL. A Queensland State of Origin and Australian international representative prop forward, he previously played for the Bulldogs, with whom he won premierships in 1995 and 2004. Price has recently published an auto-biography titled Be Your Best with Ben Blaschke.

Balmoral School was opened as Brixton School in 1926.
The University of Otago is New Zealand's first. Founded in 1869.


Anvilcloud said...

NZ was one country, perhaps the one country that I wanted to visit when I was young. I never will though. My grandfather emigrated to Canada and a brother to NZ, and we used to receive calendars and pictures of NZ, and I always though it looked great.

Jama said...

Well done Sam!

Dave said...

Well done Sam. Yes Ann, Steve Price is a well known rugby league player. I enjoyed your photos too on this blog and the two before it. - Dave

Ensurai said...


Many working mums do not have a chance to attend their children's prize giving days. Yes they would only attend if their kids get a prize. Many parents don't come because they feel insignificant but I would say to them...they are important!!

My mother was shy to come to mine because she said she did not understand English and that she was "busy". I wish I have been more forceful and pursuasive. But she has always been very shy and low profiled as a widow (taboo to go out too

Congratulations to both mum and son!! Well done.

Jean said... d surface of trophy

A smile from SJ =)