Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Save the World: Use natual pest controls, Penny royal

Penny Royal

I don't like to use the aerosel chemical sprays to kill insects, and in Auckland, we sometimes get infested by fleas even though we don't have animals. Flea bites are terrible.

I google searched for natural flea repellent and found that Penny Royal plants are good. My Penny Royal plants grew very well. I managed to propagate 5 little pot plants which I sit on our window sill. Tiny purple flowers grow on the plants. The leaves are very pretty, so even if they don't repel fleas, they make a pretty house plant.


I don't know if they actually repel fleas which was why I bought them. But so far, since I last posted on fleas, we haven't been bitten.

The leaves may be dried and used in sachets designed to keep insects away.

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luvsclassics said...

I believe in helping to save the world too. I have not heard of the plant, Penny Royal, so I will have to check if it is in the north eastern part of the U.S.A. for the spring time. It is winter her now.