Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas turkey and ham

It was twenty three years ago when I had Christmas with my parents and brothers and their families in Australia. This year, I made an impromptu trip to Australia and celebrated Christmas with them at Joseph's house.

What is Christmas like Down under without the snow?

Joseph roasted/smoked his turkeys in an American Weber BBQ, and Charles did his yummy ham. We had a great time despite the hot Australian summer. There were prawn platter, chicken, salad, salami, beef jerky, fruit platter and the fiercely claimed by Australia and New Zealand Pavlova. And plenty of champagne and vodka to wash down the food.

My brothers are great cooks.


wenn said...

xmas is all about eating! i just love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ann I am so glad you got to have Christmas with your family. Looks like some fine food. We have our own cured ham for Christmas and it is called Country ham. It looks kind of strange before it is trimmed of the fat and mold that builds up on it. A curious sounding custom I guess. Blessings

Ensurai said...

Must have been great to be with siblings for Christmas and especially if they are good cooks.

Must ask you for your grand dad's salt chicken recipe....I have been hunting for the original for a long time. I think he had it!!

My father could do the same too. But in later years my mum and I just would not dare try!! Now I am game!

Cannot recognise Charles or Joseph!! It has been too long...

Happy new year.

Barry said...

Sounds delicious! We have a Weber BBQ as well but don't use it through the winter.

Cheryl said...

The Christmas turkey and ham look yummy! How wonderful to be with family at this special time of the year.

Jama said...

The one in dark shirt is your elder brother? both of you look so much alike.