Monday, December 7, 2009

Our World Tuesday: Raising funds to build a school in Thailand.

December 5th was the King of Thailand's birthday. The Thais in Auckland celebrated the occasion at Rocket Park on Sunday. We were there and saw this noodle stall raising fund to build a church for the Hill people. I asked the women serving the food if the school was near to Chieng Mai. They said," Near there."

The water engineer bought two bowls of chicken noodle soup for Sam and himself. I had a mild flu and I didn't feel like eating.

The soup looked a bit like the Bak Ku Teh in Singapore. There are lots of spices and garlic. They served thin rice noodles with shredded chicken, bean sprouts and coriander. The portion was small but it was for a good cause. Sam was still hungry, I bought him some kumara chips with battered bits.

We sat outside a tent at a long table. The sun was burning hot. Only a few days ago, we had terrible thunder storm. The skies were good to the King of Thailand.


Barry said...

It sounds like a very worthy cause. Hope you're feeling better and didn't get sunburned.

Kari said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog.
Yes there were lots of celebrations, fireworks, prayers for the Kings birthday. It's such a beautiful thing to see, how the Thai's love their King.

The noodles in your picture's looks great. I am so loving Thai food.
Well to answer your question. My husband is here in Thailand for work and so we are here and have been for the last 2 years. Last year I went to Chiang Mai and loved it. also went to see the Hill people. Again it was lovely. I hope to go back again.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Jay said...

I just noticed that you have leave a comment on myflickr photo. I just add you as my contact, the first person. I don't really go to myflickr. Only when i need to upload photo. Actually it is as a backup place to store my photo.
Now there are many bridge around, Durin bridge, Lanang bridge and igan bridge no more ferry around.

wenn said...

a good cause..

storyteller said...

What a worthwhile thing to do ;-)
Best of luck with your fund raising.
Hugs and blessings,
My World

Tabib said...

Good deed!