Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa's fun run

Santa's not there.

Ho Ho Ho, he is back, it was hard work running in New Zealand without his reindeers.

If Santa's been taking a break from his chair listening to kids wish what they want for Christmas, he can be excused. You see, he and 750 of his clones through out New Zealand in Auckland , Hamilton , Wellington and Christchurch in running shoes, ran a fun run to raise money for Cure Kids.

They raised over $10,000 for the children's charity, which funds research into life-threatening childhood illnesses.

Organiser Shaun Collins said: "It was a big range of people who took part, from adults to 5-year-old kids dressed as elves. Everybody was running for a good cause."

It was hard work as it was very hot yesterday. Poor Santas, wearing their Santa's suit. The run will indirectly help a lot of Santas. They won't be stuck in the chimneys. LOL.

Next year, we are expecting more Santas from North Pole. I hope he is not MIA in America, Canada, UK and the rest of the world.


Sara Diana said...

The true spirit of Christmas! My neighbour and a group of her friends dressed as Santas last weekend and went around the village and pubs collecting money for Chicks a child hood cancer charity. I pushed some money through her door.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Ann, Thanks for visiting my blog. I am enjoying yours. I like this one best--since I'm not a "meme" person. I like to hear about people's stories and their lives.

Is it hard to get into the mood for Santa --when it's so hot down there??? I always associate Santa with winter and cold temps.. BUT--I have never lived in your area.

Hope you come back to my blog anytime. I'll return to yours.

Jean said...

haha...pity santa gotta run by himself

A smile from SJ =)

Cheryl said...

Hi Ann, glad you visited my blog. I am glad you did! I will be back again to check yours and hope you do the same. Oh yes, the Santas and all that ran are to be commended for doing such a wonderful thing.

Ensurai said...

there are a lot of Western Christian culture not practised here. Santa talking to children in a mall for example....

Last night at a concert Santa came to give out sweets...He had a green bag but his suit was lovely...

Malaysian children no longer read about Santa in his Sleigh etc...many things have been Malaysianised. I have seen Coconut trees dressed up for Christmas or even Banana trees... and fewer people have Christmas trees at home now.

We donated to the Sunflower Centre (a day care centre for disabled children)

Dora said...

I have yet to see a Santa in my country!

Anonymous said...

Hey what a nice idea Ann. That was a great story. It always makes me feel good to hear stories like that. Too much bad news on the airwaves.

SandyCarlson said...

We've got an ankle bracelet on the big guy. We're keeping track!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Many of you have asked about the mood of Christmas in summer. Because of the association of winter with Christmas, some people do celebrate Christmas in July so that it has the "Cold" atmosphere.

For most people here, they are used to it, Christmas is the long summer break, schools and offices are closed. They still have turkey, leg of ham. But they also have salads.

Christmas for me is not traditional, Dad was a Roman Catholic, he went to England. He showed us some Christmas things. Christmas was a Church thing.

My own family, my husband was not a Christian until he was a university student. His idea of Christmas is again a church thing and thinks that Christmas is getting too commercial, so we don't celebrate it in a big way.

This Christmas, I am going to Australia to my siblings. there we celebrate it in a big way despite the heat.

I did have one white Christmas in 1975 when I was invited by my Canadian room mate to her parents' home. It was the whole shebang of everything Christmas from pecan pie, mince pie, and lots of presents. Otherwise, growing up in tropical Borneo, "I am dreaming of a white christmas " is just a pipe dream.

magiceye said...

that was real nice of santas!

amuse me said...

Fun article - thanks for visiting by my blog. Your question about bacon-wrapped turkey? Not original for us, we saw it on a show one time and have done this ever since. Keeps the turkey super moist. :) M