Sunday, November 9, 2008

Are we doing our best to protect our planet?

Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” should jot everyone’s awareness that we can not continue to live the way we do, if we want to save our planet.

For too long, we have been polluting our Earth, burning fossil fuels unnecessarily. More than twenty years ago, Mel Gibson acted in Mad Max. Though it was just a movie, it was educational. It showed the innate human being, when the world ran out of fuel, they fight like salvages. Since watching the film, I refuse to watch motor sport of any kind, be it land or water. It is just a waste of non renewable resources.

Today, we talk about global warming, ozone hole, tsunamis, haze, rise in sea level, and changes in weather patterns.

Are we doing enough?

Definitely no, we can conserve energy by using public transport instead of driving our cars, use wind and solar power. We can boycott motor sports. We can use energy saving light bulbs, insulate our houses, drive smaller cars, the list goes on and on. We should recycle a lot more, and plant more trees. We should not encourage more indiscriminating felling of primary forest to line the already rich timber tycoons. We should protect our forest and endanger animals like the orang utan. We could eat less meat because cows emit a lot of methane gas which is harmful to the atmosphere, and their cow pats releases effluence which pollute the waterways.

If we don’t protect our planet, we could lose some of our low lying Pacific Islands.

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