Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Family Fun Day Out

One of the best place for a family fun day out is heading to the orchard and pick fruits. There are many orchards where you can pick your own fruits. Our city raised children get to know that fruits do not come from the supermarket and what a good way to learn Science and have fun too. As fruits are seasonal, the children will also learn that in Summer, there are stone frutis, berries, and oranges. Taking them close to nature will teach them to be appreciative of the work other people do. Seeing your children chromp into the delicious crispy apples they had just pick will give you just as much satisfaction as they have in eating them.
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Some fruit trees are tall, like apples. The children will enjoy the fun of climbing up ladders and trees and realise that happy and fun times can be gotten away from the blinking computer and television screen.

Come every summer holiday, after Christmas in New Zealand, families head to West Auckland to the straw berry fields with their young and not so young children, and grand parents, to part take in the pick-your-own straw berries.

I love these outings and confess that I ate more than I paid for. The farmers charge only what you have picked in your ice cream cartons and not what is is your tummy. A friend joked that perhaps the farmer should weigh me before I entered the farm.

After being away for sixteen years, I was enthusiastic to resume this tradition which is popular in England.( A fellow picker told me)

Straw berry picking is attractive to families, with many parents saying they wanted their children to experience what they had done as kids.

Not all horticulturists like to offer pick-your-own fruit as it tended to be less profitable. Some people ate more than they picked and the public could damage irrigation pipes in the fields. Half eaten and semi ripe strawberries can be seen strewn in the fields and children and even adults trampled on the plants.

Picking your own straw berries may not be a cheaper option. Along the road side, vendors sell the fruits from their car boots and at a cheaper price. You also don't have to listen to your other halves' growling that just the petrol would have paid for the miserable kilo of straw berries.

You can't put a price on reminiscences. When your children grow up, they too will enjoy taking their children to pick their own fruits.

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