Monday, November 17, 2008

From China to Borneo

One hundred and one years ago, my great father left China for Borneo. My grandparents came a few years later and my dad was born in Sarawak. Grandfather was alive when we were growing us and he stayed for a while with us. He was afraid that we would forget all the Chinese customs and become a native. So he was always giving us moral lessons.

This is one which impacted me, he told us to greet even stranger. he told us we needn't cut some grass for them. The story behind is that grass is free, therefore it doesn't cost us anything to say hi and make a new friend.

I made many friends in NTU, Singapore. There are lecturers and professors from all over the world. It was my PR role as a member of the Charity Foodsale, and a co founder of nanyang Connect, a staff residents group. In deed, Grandpa wasn't wrong, friends are made without cutting some grass.

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