Saturday, November 15, 2008

Giant lizard from Columbia.

No, I did not visit Columbia. I do have many friends from Columbia and South America from my ESOL class at Mt Albert Baptist Church.

This pix were taken in Meleka aka as Malacca when I was Sarawak.

In Sarawak, we have crocodiles and four legged snakes aka monitor lizards. The latter used to come and steal my mum's chicken and ducks. Dad made a trap and caught many, and we ate them. Yummy.

In Johor, Malaysia where the water engineer comes from, they have a billion monitor lizards basking in the country roads. There would be a zillion if there was no road kill. Here, the people don't eat them, because they are a link in the chain of pollution. The oil palm farmer lays the poison to kill the rats who eats the oil palm seeds, the rats have poison in them, the monitor lizards eat the rats and have poison in them. The person who eats the monitor lizards gets poisoned.

In New Zealand we have the tuatara. It is only found in New Zealand and is in danger of becoming extinct!

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