Friday, November 21, 2008

Ka Pai person

This is Sam's class system of Kap Pai person in Balmoral Intermediate school in Auckland. i gather this is similar to the Star pupil system in my school.

In Maori, kapai means great, good, good job or well done. I often tell my kids in school kapai in place of good job.

The class tecaher picks a child to be a Ka Pai person when he is better than all the rest in terms of doing what the teacher wants according to sam's own words.

The ka pai person gets to sit on a swivel chair or on the class sofa. He can choose a friend to sit with him. He can choose the games that the class will play.

The system is soon abused when he chooses four or five friends. The sofa is too small, and there is shuffling because the best position on the sofa is at the side, the arm rest is the worst, and the middle is the second worst.

The best time to be a Ka Pai is at the end of the year because there are more advantages then. Sam was chosen to be Ka pai at the beginning of the year. He regrets it because he was ka pai aka good then.

***I used to homeschool Sam, he was my Ka pai person.***

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