Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mail Order Bride, Epilogue 2

Epilogue II

One day Isabella was getting ready work on this a new client to do the artist make up. The new client came in and he was wearing a partial mask. She sat him down and adjusted the lighting. She was puzzled because the person looked vaguely familiar...and it troubled her… she felt uneasy. She slowly and with great care started to remove the mask and when the mask came off suddenly… she

Screamed and screamed and screamed and then she fell…into unconsciousness.

The face she saw was burned but she could still recognize it.

Jamie never got to go on his big OE. That night after Jamie told Isabella that they were KAPUT! FINISDO! He was busy packing his stuff in the room. Isabella sneaked in quietly with Gilbert’s big hammer and landed blows on Jamie’s head.

Jamie fell on the floor on his back. Isabella poured a big pot of boiling water over his face, “Kiss goodbye to your handsome face, arrogant prick. Nobody messes with me, Isabella, the Queen of Manila Slums.”

Isabella went to Gilbert’s abandoned vegetable patch and hurriedly dug a shallow grave. She dragged Jamie into the grave and covered it with dirt and long grass. She took a long shower sitting in the shower stall. Then she rang Imelda.

The blows were not hard enough to kill Jamie. They merely knocked him out, but they were bad enough to make him lose his memory. The blisters on his face festered and caused encrustations and resulted in bad keliods. Jamie got himself out of the grave and went wandering along Mt Albert Road. A good Samaritan thought he was a homeless vagrant and took him to Greenlane Hospital. After he was discharged, he went to a home run by “Project Outreach,” a partnership between Auckland City Council, the Methodist Church, and the Salvation Army.

Recently he went horse riding at Son shine Ranch at an outing organized by the home. The young colt bolted and he fell on a big volcanic boulder. It was a blessing in disguise. Jamie regained his memory and started hunting down Isabella.

Jamie then looked at her and grabbed the razor blade and as he walked towards her lifeless body he emitted this horrible noise, its pay back time! ….heh! Heh! Heh!.....


Christine became a famous ceramics potter, holding exhibitions and giving talks all over the world. She became a champion of women’s rights. She holds a Karate Third Dan black belt. She gives free self-defense lessons to women in community centers. In time, her keliod scars faded lightly and she wasn’t so terrifying to look at. She is comfortable with her scarred face, and goes about without any make up.


Kevin moves about in a special motorized wheel chair and remains a quadriplegic He was inspired by Christopher Reeves, the Superman. Kevin became a famous mouth artist in his own right, specializing in Maori art. He gives motivational talks to people with spinal cord injury, paralysis and mobility impairment as well as to able bodied people. He is involved in raising funds for stem cell research. He is still hoping for Christine to forgive him.


Connie visits Christine in her studio to have cup of tea. She is still praying for Christine to forgive Kevin.

“The Lord works in mysterious ways,” Connie tells her family.

The end

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