Friday, November 14, 2008

Maori Hangi

Eating a Maori hangi is a must when you visit New Zealand. I have written in my Mail Order Book about Hangis.

This pix was taken during the annual Pasifika Festival. I shamelessly slithered into this macho handsome Maori owner of the Hangi restaurant. I had wanted to take a pix of his menu when he offered to have my pix taken with him. So it is the real McCoy.

I did back before I had D in the early 80s, help cook a hangi. The Navigators of Auckland University had an hangi up at Albany. The water engineer and I went early in the morning to help. I forgot this hangi maker's name, but he showed me how to make one. He also showed me to make a raw fish salad.

***You can see me wearing Jandals, a NZ Icon, the name derived from Japanese Sandals, In Sarawak, we call them slippers or Japanese Slippers. My German friend H, tells me over in Europe, they call they flip flop***

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