Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nadine, Chapter thirteen

Nadine's arranged marriage to Indian National Gopal fails. One day Gopal came home drunk as a skunk. He demanded sex and Nadine refused. He pulled Nadine's long jet black hair and forced himself on her.

"I will report you for raping me," yelled Nadine.

Gopal swored, "You bitch, a husband does not rape his wife, in India, a man can have sex with his wife anytime he wants.

Nadine spat at him and threw a beer bottle at him. It landed on his forehead and caused a deep gash and blood flowed profusely.

Nadine screamed like a banshee,"You are not in India, you are in New Zealand."

Gopal held on to his bleeding head," Look what you have done, I can sue you for attempting to murder me. So we are even stevens." With a loud slam of the door, Gopal left.

One day, Keita invited Nadine to her brother Billy’s twenty first birthday bash at their father’s house in Papatoetoe. They were having a traditional Maori hangi. Nadine had never been to a hangi before and she was excited to go. She went home and piled and lots of make up to make her look older. There was plenty of scrumptious food from the hangi: pig, lamb, steak, chicken, potatoes, kumaras, vegetables, puha, raw fish, and five different kinds of dessert. Beer was flowing and hips were gyrating to the blaring music. She drank so much booze that she felt uninhibited and she let her hair down.

Standing at the corner with a bottle of DB beer in his hand was her tall, dark and handsome prince. She spied him in a tight open-necked black and grey striped shirt exposing a broad chest and a thick silver chain necklace.

She strutted over in her four inch stilettos and said, “Kia Ora! handsome, want to dance?”

“No, I just want to drink.”

Nadine took a swig from his bottle, “I am Nadine, love.”

Perhaps it was the drink, perhaps it was nervousness, whatever it was, it made her gabble and crack facetious comments. Andy wasn’t responding to her, and continued to nurse his bottle of booze.

“You want something girl, go get it. It is that simple,” then Nadine remembered a girl friend telling her.

That was how Nadine met Andy and how she went to get him.

“I think you must be irresistible in bed,” Nadine whispered huskily.
Andy was an alpha male Maori guy with big fuzzy hair like Michael Jackson when Michael Jackson was still singing with his brothers. He was six feet tall, handsome and cocky and very sure of himself and a smooth talker. He had just broken off a relationship with a girl who was getting too serious and wanted to get married. Nope, Andy was the boss of himself, he wanted no woman to tie him down.

There were sparks and love in the air, at least for Nadine. Nadine put her arms round Andy and her hands proceeded to travel down south as she slipped her hands into his tight jeans and squeezed his bum. Sensing Andy’s quietness and lack of response, she let her wondering hands and fingers do the talking. She knew she succeeded when Andy eventually responded and they danced a slow and dirty dance, just enjoying their warm body contact. More booze and more gyrating, they kissed. Andy put his hands up Nadine’s skirt, and Nadine did not push it away. Instead she encouraged him and whispered sweet nothings to his ear. Aroused, Andy whispered something into Nadine’s ear. Nadine laughed and they went out and made out at the back seat of someone’s Ford Falcon. Nadine was at seventh heaven and wished this would never end.

But early next morning, Nadine tossed and turned like laundry in a wringer machine lying on an airbed of the floor of Keita’s tiny and messy bedroom. It didn’t help when Keita’s snores were like a steam train engine. Nadine thought of the wonderful evening until those shit older girls or, in Nadine’s eyes, older witches came along.

Nadine had Andy all to herself when those witches came and said, “Come Andy love, time to go to Pink Pussy Cat for our special present for the birthday boy.”

All the boys laughed and headed for the cars.

Nadine said, “Wait for me.”

The witches turned bitches said, “You stay put, we are not babysitters.”

“Babysitters!!!” Nadine hated that word.

Her eyes shot daggers at the witches as she turned to say something to them, then Keita told her they were not worth the effort. Besides it was Keita’s brother’s big day. They don’t want no fights. The vision of Andy assailed Nadine repeatedly and last night’s turn of events kept going like rewinding a video tape over and over again. In the morning, she decided she was going to be Andy’s girl. She knew naught about him, but she did not care. Her parents made her marry Gopal who was a complete stranger.

The next morning, Nadine pestered Keita for Andy’s telephone number.

“You have to pay for it.”

“How much ? I am broke.”

“I like the pair of drop earrings and some cash. You can pawn some of your wedding jewellery.”

“That’s a deal, now, what is his number?”

“Andy doesn’t have a phone; you can go on Saturday when Billy and the boys play rugby. Andy plays too.”

To the boys, Nadine hung around like a puppy dog running errands. But to Nadine, these were the best days of her life.

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