Friday, November 14, 2008

Taupo and Huka falls

This waterfall is New Zealand's most visited natural attraction. The roaring sound of the fall sounds like thunder. This holds much fascination for water engineer who is a water engineer. He has been charmed to take so make photos. As for me who had been to the Niagara Falls, this is like a mole hill compared to a mountain. Still, I don't want to disappoint him and go with him while he clicks away.

Back in the early 80s, when it was very safe in New Zealand, we spent a night in our car near to the Huka falls. You won't do it these days.

Taupo is the biggest lake in New Zealand. It is actually a volcano. According to my tourist guide, when taupo erupted, it affected China. I am not sure if he was teasing me, seeing that I am a Chinese to impress me. You can put the whole of Singapore into the lake. It is famous for trout fishing.

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